Yali Pear

Name:Ya Pear
Package: 17.5kg/CTN
Count Size: 112#/96#/80#
Place of Origin: Hebei Province & Shandong Province,China
Brix Level: 10-12 degree
Availability Period: from July to April of the next year

What is Yali Pear

Yali pear, known as the" King of Pears," is a popular fruit that began in China. It's famed for its crisp texture, sweet taste, and refreshing flavor. They aren't only succulent but also offer multitudinous health benefits, making them a perfect choice for consumers looking for a nutritional and delicious snack.

Advantages of Winfun

As a professional pear producer and exporter, Winfun offers several advantages for buyers and distributors. These advantages include: 1. Diverse product portfolio - Winfun has extensive experience in handling various fruits and vegetables, ensuring a diverse and high-quality range of products. 2. Direct supply from the origin - Winfun sources pears directly from their place of origin, ensuring freshness and quality. 3. Years of export experience - With years of experience in the fruit and vegetable export industry, Winfun is well-equipped to meet the demands of global markets. 4. Stringent quality control - Winfun maintains strict quality control measures at every stage of production and packaging, ensuring that only the best quality yali pears are delivered to customers. 5. Customizable packaging - Winfun offers the option to customize packaging according to specific requirements, enabling buyers to create a unique and appealing product presentation.

Product Features

It is known for their juicy texture- It has a crisp texture that provides a bite, rounded by a bite.2. Sweet and refreshing taste - The natural sweetness of pears is perfectly balanced with a refreshing flavor, making them an enjoyable and palate-pleasing fruit. 3. Rich in nutrients - pears are a rich source of essential vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, contributing to a healthy diet and overall well-being. 4. Versatile usage - pears can be eaten fresh, added to salads, used in desserts, or even cooked into savory dishes, making it a versatile fruit for various culinary applications.

Cultivation and Production Process

It is carefully cultivated and produced through a meticulous process to ensure the highest quality. The process involves: 1. Selecting the finest seeds - Only the best quality pear seeds are chosen for cultivation, ensuring the development of superior pear trees. 2. Optimal growing conditions - pear trees are grown in ideal climatic conditions, with abundant sunlight and proper irrigation to promote healthy growth. 3. Regular monitoring and care - The trees are regularly monitored and cared for to protect against pests and diseases, ensuring the optimal development of the pears. 4. Harvesting at the right time - The pears are harvested at the peak of ripeness to ensure maximum flavor and nutritional value.


The essential parameters for pear yali are as follows:

SizeMedium to Large
ColorGolden Yellow
TasteSweet and Refreshing
Storage Temperature0-4°C

Packaging and Storage

To maintain the quality and freshness of pears, Winfun utilizes suitable packaging and storage practices. The packaging and storage guidelines are as follows: 1. Packaging - pears are carefully packed in sturdy cartons or crates, ensuring protection from external damage during transportation. 2. Storage - yali pear should be stored in a cool, well-ventilated environment at temperatures between 0-4°C to prolong their shelf life and maintain their quality. 3. Shelf life - When stored under optimal conditions, pears can typically have a shelf life of approximately 2-3 months.


1. Q: Are they suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions?

A: Yes, they are gluten-free and can be enjoyed by individuals with dietary restrictions.

2. Q: How can I determine the ripeness of pears?

A: They are ripe when they yield to gentle pressure near the stem end and have a pleasant aroma.

3. Q: Can I refrigerate pears?

A: Yes, refrigeration helps to prolong the shelf life of pears and maintain their freshness.


Yali pear, with its exceptional taste, nutritional benefits, and unique features, is a fruit worth experiencing. Winfun, as a reliable producer and exporter of pears, offers the advantages of diverse product options, direct supply from the origin, years of export experience, stringent quality control, and customizable packaging. For all your pear needs, feel free to contact us at yangkai@winfun-industrial.com. Partner with Winfun to bring the goodness of pear yali to your market and offer your customers a delightful and healthy fruit experience!

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