The pear varieties Winfun currently carries include green Anjou, red Anjou, and 20th-century pear, etc. These pears range from sweet and juicy to crisp and dense, with smooth or grainy textures. Our fresh pears are harvested only when ripe and rushed to ensure they arrive at their peak. We closely monitor ripeness, sugar content and pressure levels before picking. This guarantees every pear we offer has optimal flavor and the longest possible shelf life. Once harvested, our pears are rapidly cooled to lock in freshness and prevent overripening during shipping. We meticulously inspect all pears upon arrival to our warehouse and continue monitoring them in climate-controlled rooms until they leave for your location. This allows us to provide pears ready to enjoy immediately with no guesswork on ripeness or quality on your end. Winfun is dedicated to delivering superior freshness and eating quality to our customers. Contact us to learn more about our current pear offerings.