Fresh Shiitake Mushroom

Fresh Shiitake Mushroom

Product Name: shiitake mushrooms
Package: 200g/bag,25bags/CTN
Color: Brown
Availability Period: in the whole year

What is Fresh Shiitake Mushroom

Winfun is a professional manufacturer and exporter of fresh shiitake mushrooms. We have mature experience in mixed packing of various fruits and vegetables, direct supply from the source, years of export experience in fruits and vegetables, and a complete quality control system. We offer mixed packing of various varieties and can provide third-party inspection reports before shipment. Customized packaging is also available. 

Advantages of Winfun

  • Mature experience in mixed packing of various fruits and vegetables

  • Direct supply from the source

  • Years of export experience in fruits and vegetables

  • Complete quality control system

  • Mixed packing of various varieties

  • Ability to provide third-party inspection reports before shipment

  • Customizable packaging

Product Features

1. Exceptional Freshness:

Winfun takes pride in delivering mushrooms of the highest quality. Our commitment to direct supply from the source ensures that the mushrooms reach customers with exceptional freshness, preserving their natural taste and texture.

2. Variety in Mixed Packing:

As experts in mixed packing of fruits and vegetables, Winfun offers a diverse selection of mushrooms. This variety allows customers to enjoy different flavors and textures in one convenient package.

3. Direct Supply from the Source:

Winfun guarantees a direct supply of mushrooms from their origin. This direct sourcing ensures that the mushrooms are harvested at the peak of freshness, contributing to their superior quality.

4. Years of Export Experience:

With years of export experience in the fruits and vegetables industry, Winfun brings valuable insights to the production and export of fresh shitake mushrooms. This experience enhances the efficiency of operations and ensures compliance with international standards.

Cultivation and Production Process

1. Optimal Growing Conditions:

The cultivation of mushrooms begins with selecting optimal growing conditions. This includes choosing suitable environments with the right humidity, temperature, and substrate for the mushrooms to thrive.

2. Spore Inoculation:

The cultivation process involves inoculating a chosen substrate with Shiitake mushroom spores. This step is crucial for the development of mycelium, the vegetative part of the fungus.

3. Mycelium Growth:

The inoculated substrate is allowed to incubate, fostering the growth of mycelium. This stage is critical for establishing a healthy and robust foundation for the eventual formation of mushrooms.

4. Casing and Pinning:

Once the mycelium has developed, the substrate may be cased with a layer of soil or other materials. This helps initiate the pinning stage, where small mushroom pins begin to emerge.


Size4-8cm in diameter
ColorDark brown
Weight20-25g per mushroom

Packaging and Storage

1. Protective Packaging:

Winfun prioritizes the protection of mushroom during transportation and handling. Our packaging is designed to shield the mushrooms from physical damage, ensuring they reach customers in pristine condition.

2. Variety in Mixed Packing:

Leveraging our expertise in mixed packing, Winfun offers various packaging options that include a mix of different Shiitake Mushroom varieties. This provides customers with a convenient and diverse selection in a single package.

3. Refrigeration Recommendation:

To maintain the freshness and quality of mushroom, it is recommended to store them in the refrigerator. This helps slow down any potential deterioration and ensures an extended shelf life.

4. Ventilation for Extended Freshness:

Adequate ventilation is essential for stored mushroom. Proper air circulation helps prevent moisture buildup, reducing the risk of mold and ensuring the mushrooms remain fresh for an extended period.


Q: How long is the shelf life of fresh shiitake mushroom?

A: It has a shelf life of approximately 5-7 days when stored properly.

Q: Can we request specific packaging for our order?

A: Yes, we offer customizable packaging according to the requirements of our customers.

Q: Are the mushrooms grown using any pesticides or chemicals?

A: No, our mushrooms are grown using organic methods without the use of any pesticides or chemicals.


Winfun is your reliable source for high-quality fresh shiitake mushroom. With our mature experience, direct supply, and complete quality control, we strive to deliver the best product to our customers. Contact us today at to place your order or for any inquiries. 

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