Bulk Mushrooms

Bulk Mushrooms

Product Name: Enoki Mushroom
Package: 200g/bag,35bags/CTN
Color: White & Gold
Availability Period: in the whole year

Bulk Mushrooms Product Overview

Winfun, your trusted partner in Bulk Mushrooms, takes pride in delivering top-quality products cultivated through years of expertise. Our diverse range, direct sourcing, and stringent quality control make us a leading producer and exporter in the industry.

Winfun's Advantages

With extensive experience in mixed packing of various fruits and vegetables, direct supply from origin, and a track record of successful exportation, Winfun stands out as a reliable and professional Mushrooms producer. Our commitment to quality control, diverse packing options, and the ability to provide third-party inspection reports before shipment sets us apart.

Product Features

Winfun's Bulk Mushrooms boast exceptional freshness, nutritional value, and a variety of species. Sourced from prime locations, our mushrooms undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure they meet the highest standards. From common varieties to exotic selections, our product range caters to diverse preferences.

Cultivation and Production Process

Our bulk fresh mushrooms are cultivated using advanced techniques in carefully controlled environments. The production process involves meticulous care, from seed selection to harvesting, ensuring the highest quality at every stage. We prioritize sustainability and environmentally friendly practices throughout production.


Mushroom VarietyDiverse Selection
Cultivation MethodControlled Environment
Harvesting TechniqueManual
Quality StandardsStringent
Packaging OptionsCustomizable

Packaging and Storage

Our bulk fresh mushrooms are packaged with precision to preserve freshness and quality. Customizable packaging options are available to meet specific requirements. Storage guidelines are provided to maintain the mushrooms' integrity, ensuring they reach customers in optimal condition.


Q: Can I request a specific mix of mushroom varieties?A: Yes, we offer customizable mixed packs to cater to your preferences.

Q: Are your mushrooms organic?A: While not all are certified organic, we prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly cultivation practices.

Q: Can I receive third-party inspection reports before shipment?A: Certainly, we provide inspection reports upon request to guarantee product quality.


In conclusion, Winfun is your go-to source for premium Bulk Mushrooms. As a reputable producer and exporter, we bring together quality, variety, and reliability. For inquiries and orders, contact yangkai@winfun-industrial.com. Elevate your culinary experience with Winfun's Mushrooms – where excellence meets variety.

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