Fresh Meyer Lemons

Fresh Meyer Lemons

Name:Meyer Lemon
Package: 12.5kg/CTN
Count Size: 88#/100#/113#/125#/138#
Place of Origin: Anyue,China
Availability Period: from Sep to June of the next year

What is Fresh Meyer Lemons

Fresh Meyer Lemons, cultivated and produced by Winfun, are a popular variety of Lemons known for their sweet and pungent flavor. These Lemons are largely sought after by cookers and culinary suckers for their unique taste and versatility in a wide range of dishes. With the perfect balance of acidity and agreeableness, They are sure to elevate any form with their vibrant and stimulating citrus flavor.

Advantages of Winfun

Winfun stands out as a professional producer and exporter of lemons with several key advantages:

  • Extensive experience in mixing different fruit and vegetable varieties.

  • Direct supply from the place of origin, ensuring the freshness and quality of the lemons.

  • Years of expertise in exporting fruits and vegetables, guaranteeing reliable and efficient service.

  • Stringent quality control measures to deliver the best product to customers.

  • Ability to provide mixed packaging options and accommodate customization requests.

  • Provision of third-party inspection reports before shipment.

Product Features

1.Distinctive Sweet and Pungent Flavor:

They are prized for their unique flavor profile—sweetness with a hint of pungency. This distinctive taste sets them apart, making them a favorite among chefs and culinary enthusiasts seeking a citrus experience like no other.

2.Versatility in Culinary Applications:

These lemons are a culinary delight, adding a burst of flavor to a wide range of dishes. From desserts and beverages to savory meals, lemons bring a versatile touch to your kitchen creations.

3.Ideal for Cooks and Culinary Enthusiasts:

Cookers and culinary enthusiasts specifically seek out lemons for their exceptional taste. The balance of sweetness and pungency makes them a preferred ingredient for those who appreciate the art of cooking.

4.Premium Quality Cultivation:

Winfun ensures that every Fresh Meyer Lemon embodies the highest quality standards. Our cultivation process is designed to maximize flavor, and the lemons are carefully harvested at the peak of ripeness for optimal taste and juiciness.

5.Sought After for Unique Taste:

They have garnered a reputation for their sought-after taste. The culinary world recognizes and embraces these lemons for their ability to enhance and elevate the flavor profile of various dishes.

Cultivation and Production Process

Winfun's Fresh Meyer Lemons are carefully cultivated using sustainable agricultural practices. Our  lemons are grown in ideal climates, where they admit ample sun and acceptable water force. We prioritize the use of organic diseases and natural pest control styles to insure the loftiest quality and minimize environmental impact. Once fully ripe, the lemons are harvested by hand to avoid any damage. They are then sorted, cleaned, and packed with utmost care to preserve their freshness and flavor.


Seed ContentSeeds are rare
Weight90-250 grams

Packaging and Storage

Winfun ensures that lemons are carefully packaged to maintain their quality during transportation and storage. The lemons are packed in sturdy boxes, protecting them from bruising and damage.Each box contains a specific volume of lemons, allowing for easy running and distribution. To save their newness, it's recommended to store the lemons in a cool and dry place down from direct sun. When stored rightly, lemons can last for over to two weeks without compromising their taste and quality.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Are they genetically modified?

A: No, our lemons are not genetically modified. They are naturally grown using traditional cultivation methods.

Q: Can you provide customized packaging?

A Yes, we offer the option to customize packaging according to our guests' conditions. Please communicate us for farther details.

Q: Do you export lemons to international markets?

A: Yes, we have extensive experience in exporting lemons to various international markets. Please reach out to us for more information on shipping options.


For your best selection of Fresh Meyer Lemons, Winfun is your trusted and experienced partner. With our commitment to quality, direct sourcing, and customization options, we guarantee the freshest and most flavorful lemons for your culinary needs. Get in touch with us at to place your order or inquire about any specific requirements. 

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