As a leading Chinese exporter of fresh produce, Winfun leverages exceptional cold storage and logistics to deliver Fresh Lemon . Careful temperature control and efficient mix-loading of Winfun’s sea shipments ensures freshness while reducing costs and risks for our valued international customers.
With a commitment to “Quality Assured and Credit First” that underlies operations from orchard and farm to cold storage and export, Winfun Fresh Lemon products provide a convenient way to enjoy lemon’s bright flavor and natural health benefits. We invite you to discover the lively, vibrant taste guaranteed by the Winfun name and our decades of excellence supplying markets across Asia and the world. You can choose our products like Eureka Lemons and Fresh Meyer Lemons.

Winfun's production and supply chain capabilities

1. 100% certified export base

Winfun Agriculture packs its fruits and mushrooms from a 100% certified export base and factory. Our fruits and mushrooms are famous for their packing technology and taste, a direct result of the important development in the professionalism of the fruit and mushroom sector.

certified export base.jpg

2. Modernized fruit selection system

Winfun has a modernized fruit selection and mushroom packing system in order to keep our fruits and mushrooms loaded with uniform sizes and appearance.

3. Water-clean machining process

Our fruits are dealt with the newest water-clean machining process to make the fruits' appearance more colorful.

Water-clean machining process

4. "Quality Gold Prize"

Winfun Agriculture was awarded by China Fruit Industry Association the "Quality Gold Prize” in the year of 2018 and 2020.